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Republik is a company based in Santiago de Chile since 2009. As it was created in the digital era, it provides easy-going, modern, friendly, cost-effective, quality film and photo production services.
Our services include production fixing, crew management, talent casting and callbacks, location scouting, equipment, ata carnet assistance at local customs, accommodation, transportation and many other requirements for small and large scale projects. Whether you are shooting, we are here to help.


Due to its peculiar long geography, chile provides an array of natural locations, perfect for all filming necessities.
From its capital city santiago, modern, urban and full of different architectonic styles, to the atacama desert and beaches of the north. The central cost presents the city of valparaiso, with its unique constructions and sights.
In the south we find green valleys & lakes all year around. And for more daring shooting challenges, the impressive patagonia!
Chile may be the only country in the world were it’s main city is an hours drive form both the sea and the snow peaked mountains, providing low costs of transportation and logistics.